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I, Norton (Gino Robair) / Dissecting Adam(Julia A.Miller) : Improvised Opera Workshop

Past sponsored artist Julia Miller is a composer, guitarist, electronic musician, poet, VJ/ancient technologist, and curator. She is currently organizing an opera workshop structured over five days at High Concept Labs from June18-23 which will culminate in a performance. Many of the scores and concepts are in the current repertoire of the Chicago Scratch Orchestra. … Continue reading

Noé Cuéllar and Joseph Kramer are Coppice

Since late 2009 we have developed compositions using a modified boombox – a tape loop machine that records and plays back simultaneously. Sounds that enter it are released within seconds, sounding gentle feedback. Our first compositions using this boombox and a shruti box marked the beginnings of our collaboration as Coppice, and a phase of … Continue reading

R We Who R We at HCL

R We Who R We – Ted Hearne and Philip White in collaboration by Jacob Mikanowski For one week in March, Ted Hearne and Philip White will be bringing their musical collaboration R We Who R We to High Concept Laboratories.  The simplest way to describe what R We Who R We does and the … Continue reading

“Did You Know Nicole Kidman Acts in Her Own Work?”

Casey Smallwood reflects on her latest project as an HCL-sponsored artist: As part of my research during my residency at HCL, I organized an exhibition featuring works by Danielle Paz, Danny Volk, Marilyn Volkman and myself.  As a group of peers, we are in constant dialogue with each other and our works.  These transactions of … Continue reading

Poems by G. Vincent Gaulin

Here are two new poems from sponsored artist G. Vincent Gaulin posted in tandem with his performance Future Answers, ‘I Am No Professions, I Am All Professions,’ featured at HCL’s Open House. (Untitled) Teachers Teachers give showings. Pointing at the big wide world! the banner reads. Thank you. you pulled me out of the valley … Continue reading

Post-Paleontology with Ensemble Dal Niente

Rehearsals with Ensemble Dal Niente are a serious place, but not without fits of absurdity and laughter. So it is, rehearsing a piece like Aaron Einbond’s Post-Paleontology that a rehearsal can go directly from mining the depths of our instruments’ sonic possibilities to pure glee.  The first time our percussionist, Greg, succeeded in placing a … Continue reading

The Birth of Assignment #403

Here I am, sitting with my soft, smelly blanket. I was trying to catnap before work, but am greatly fooled. I am unable to stop obsessing over this show, even for a measly thirty minutes of nap time. Perhaps this is how it always will be while in the process of making the best show … Continue reading

Opera Cabal’s Opera Shop

To develop an opera within our culture’s expectations—a Figaro or Bohème or Fledermaus—is in itself no small feat. We expect a traditional Gesamtkunstwerk, complete with florid classical singing, a full orchestra, theatrics, ornate scenery and costumes, and perhaps a complex literary bent and a courtly dance or two. But when we remove said expectations, at … Continue reading

Photos from Joe Miller’s Browntown

Here are some images from Joe Miller’s recent gallery showing at HCL entitled “Browntown”

Images from FLOX

The Skinning Rig

A fresh scene from JBessoff’s “Red Rider’s Lament.” There began a meaty stench in the air. Fresh blood followed, for when I crest the ridge I saw the logic to the slaughter. The beasts were twenty feet in the air hanging from angry hooks. There was the sound of tearing and cutting as stout men … Continue reading

HCL presents the World Premiere of FLOX- an interactive installation of light and sound

FLOX Premieres July 23rd 7-10pm reprise showings July 24th and 25th 6-8pm Flox is an interactive sound installation that upsets the one-to-one relationship that often characterizes interactive artworks. Instead of putting the individual at the center of the experience, Flox centers around group coordination. As visitors step into a motion-captured space, each person’s body is … Continue reading

Into the Fold: A rough scene from “Red Rider’s Lament”

Fresh from High Concept Labs animation department! A sneak preview of JBessoff’s rough-cut scene from his project “Red Rider’s Lament.” In the coming weeks the edit will smooth out and a sound-scape will condense from from the vapor of silence. Keep an eye on this blog for updates and additional scenes.

HCL Presents: BROWNTOWN, an exhibit by AIR Joe Miller

Always evincing an interest in systems as well as the people who inhabit them, Joseph Miller (2010 HCL Artist in Residence) has constructed a multi-media exhibit that sprouts from the subversive perspective of Chicagoans on Chicago. Through collaborations with city offici…als, journalists, filmmakers, homeless and you, Miller examines the city structures and mediums that mediate … Continue reading

DUETS: A Performance in Dance Theatre May 28th and 29th!

join us for this fabulous performance! DUETS: A PERFORMANCE IN DANCE THEATRE Featuring: Molly Jaeger, Andy Braddock, Adam Rose, Carole McCurdy & Brian Dailey 4 duets 5 artists 2 objects and the performing space DUETS is a contemplation of the magnetic power of two, the interrelationship between one & another, in tandem, in opposition, always … Continue reading

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