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Reflections on Dance + Dramaturgy

Guest blogger Eleanor Russell is a PhD candidate in Theatre at Northwestern University. What does the dancing body know? How does it come to know it? The question of knowledge production and ways of knowing took center stage on May 9th at Cultural Conversations: Dance + Dramaturgy, sponsored by High Concept Labs and Chicago Dancemakers Forum. … Continue reading

Editing Erotica and the X-Files with Emma Morris

Author, editor, and Spring 2015 Sponsored Artist Emma Morris is the co-creator (with musician David Safran) of The Hotwife of Hyde Park, a comedy horror musical in development this summer. Maul Tirade, the “Hotwife,” is a one-woman review committee traveling to an administrative housing project for washed-up, obsolete, and deranged Chicago artists. These characters, along with Maul’s unraveling romantic … Continue reading

Counter Heroism in Guitar

by guitarist Samuel Rowe of Fonema Consort Acoustic guitarists are placed in a rather awkward situation: the instrument is simultaneously an emblem of triumphant machismo, and one of the most delicate, quiet members of the string instrument family. There is a remarkable symbolic gap between the guitar’s aura of phallic heroism and its objective diminutiveness—it is not … Continue reading

Novelty Prophylactics and Lowbrow Show Tunes with David Safran

Spring 2015 Sponsored Artist, David Safran, is the composer and co-author of The Hotwife of Hyde Park, a sensationally bloody satire written with fellow Spring 2015 Sponsored Artist, Emma Morris. Ahead of the show’s previews set for this summer, David met up with theatrical producer, Brooke Gilbert, to discuss the musical, feminist icons, after-parties with Alan Alda, … Continue reading

Musing on ‘Tsuchi’

by Sponsored Artist Mitsu Salmon Two weekends ago, I showed a 20-minute version of my developing work Tsuchi for the Chicago Post-Butoh Festival. It was an amazing and beautiful experience. What follows are some thoughts on creating and performing Tsuchi. My great grandfather, Tomohiro, emigrated from Okinawa to Honolulu, Hawaii. He was a pineapple farmer. A pineapple … Continue reading

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