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Endurance, Patience, and Trust

by Sponsored Artist Andrea Cerniglia Process in the studio starts with ritual—we arrive, connect, and then create. Each part of the process informs the next, even if everything done in the spirit of experimentation does not make it into the final piece. The trial and error of “doing” cues how we shape and further develop construct … Continue reading

Do You Dare ‘Double Danger Room’?

By former Sponsored Artist Andy North Hello! I’m Andy North. I was a sponsored artist with High Concept Labs last summer, designing big physical games. On May 2nd, hcl is hosting a performance of my newest game, called Double Danger Room. Double Danger Room is a storytelling game. It’s like participatory theatre, though you don’t participate by … Continue reading

Synaesthetic Empathy

by Sponsored Artist Nora Sharp of Vaudeo Motion While developing a unified performance ensemble over the past two and half months at High Concept Labs, Vaudeo Motion has also been taking steps to understand our roles and goals as they relate to our audience. In doing so, we keep returning to questions of non-verbal communication … Continue reading

Mobile Phones and Future Tensions

by Ralph Upton, co-creator of For Your Future Guidance by Binge Culture Collective When we drop our rental car off in Chicago before our final touring performance of For Your Future Guidance at High Concept Labs, it will be time to give sincere thanks to our mobile phones. Our phones guided us through all these unfamiliar streets … Continue reading

Ritual, Intricacy, and Structure

By Spring 2015 Sponsored Artist Andrea Cerniglia of dropshift dance One of the things that I cherish most about the work that I engage in as a dancemaker is the communal element, and the many rituals that accompany convening with fellow artists to create work on the body. Dancers/movers, whatever we call ourselves, are constantly sharing … Continue reading

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