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Honey Pot Performance at HCL

Photo by Michael Sullivan

photo: Michael Sullivan (3/21/2014)

Fresh off a busy production schedule of our 2013 feature (Price Point), we ladies of Honey Pot Performance (“HPP”) were elated to learn that our current work-in-progress (Juke Cry Hand Clap; a performance/social mapping project) had been selected as an HCL Winter 2014 Sponsored Project. Outside of our day jobs and bare necessities, HCL gave us a great reason to venture out into Chicago’s lingering Polar Vortex! During our residency, HCL’s support–via access to rehearsal and performance space, design and marketing help–enabled us to focus not only on artistic development but organizational development. Awesome way to start the year, no?…”getting one’s shit together,” if you will. Well, really, that’s what the HPP process and collective mission is all about–getting one’s shit together, improving one’s quality of life in the most thoughtful/reciprocal/healthy manner possible!



photo: Amanda Gutierrez (2/15/2014)

Now that our Winter residency approaches the April 15th expiration date, HPP wants to take a moment to optimize our guest HCL blog post. Allow me to punctuate our history/mission and initiatives, to clarify who we are and what kind of art we make. Per our website, the HPP mission is to, “Advance intimate and nuanced stories of humanity,” by bringing marginalized perspectives center stage via embodied/interdisciplinary storytelling from a ‘framily’ who also happen to be (among other things) scholars, teachers, caregivers, concerned citizens/parents, native Chicagoans, Househeads, Black women and feminists. Because our process is so organic to us after 13 years of making work together, one of our hybrid HCL goals was to engage the community in our generative process through a regular event, particularly since Juke Cry Hand Clap work includes a social mapping/ archival data collection component. Also, we Winter 2014 Sponsored Artists, have the distinction of being the first group in HCL’s new home, Mana Contemporary so we figured it would be a great community-building vehicle. That ‘regular event’ has blossomed into the monthly dance party series, The Mapping Sessions.

Click this link for project description and to rsvp for our April 25th Mapping Session: April 25th RSVP

Photos of HPP at HCL


photo: Nicholas Johnson (3/29/2014)



photo: Amanda Gutierrez (2/15/2014)



photo: Michael Sullivan (3/21/2014)



photo: Amanda Gutierrez (2/15/2014)



photo: Amanda Gutierrez (2/15/2104)



photo: Michael Sullivan (3/21/2014)



photo: Nicholas Johnson (3/29/2104)



photo: Michael Sullivan (3/21/2014)


Northside Map @ HCL

photo: Amanda Gutierrez (2/15/2014)

Since January 1st, we’ve also increased our rehearsal frequency from once to three times a week. This has been an immeasurable opportunity for us to log valuable time with our collaborators (DJ Jo de Presser and scholar/historian Micah Salkind) as well as respected peers and potential collaborators (e.g. Darrell Jones). We’ve also worked closely with HCL’s creative and resourceful staff to craft our Sponsored Project marketing approach. In addition to easy scheduling, HCL’s design and referral help has been another perk.

Bottom line: HPP considers HCL a valuable partner and recommends HCL’s Sponsored Project program to fellow artists. We also excitedly look forward to the remainder of our monthly Mapping Sessions (through July 25th) and the world premiere of Juke Cry Hand Clap at HCL/Mana in early Fall 2014.  Thanks much, HCL…let’s keep building this community together!


Felicia Holman

Co-founder/Communication Director

Honey Pot Performance



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