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Poems by G. Vincent Gaulin

Here are two new poems from sponsored artist G. Vincent Gaulin posted in tandem with his performance Future Answers, ‘I Am No Professions, I Am All Professions,’ featured at HCL’s Open House.

G. Vincent Gaulin at the HCL Open House Photo By Omar Robles

(Untitled) Teachers

Teachers give showings.
Pointing at the big wide

the banner reads.

Thank you.
you pulled me out of the

All y’all good guides keep the mountains with your
carved molds. I know
detailing fresh replicas is
your way of keeping notes,
but I just want you to know
I couldn’t have lived
without you turning them
over, offering them
as furniture for our journeys

My feelings about our visits
come slower in the mail
than the learning-to-look
rate because I’ve been
walking our old places on
the way to the grocery and
stuff. Now I wear those
jagged scenic halos you
gave me like flat gravel.

But Oh, God last night I
remembered our mountains!

You stood there looking
like the difference between
working and going
somewhere. out loud you
told how habits eat up hills
and shit out quick paintings
of flashy games. real
you said with your
eyes. And then you were
shouting. Distractions! they
get in your mouth like grit
& [my oh] it makes bad
songs in
your teeth!

Untitled (Architects)

dear architects,


walking up to see your place is so important.
we all know it would be more
the main thing if we paid enough people
to keep
reminding us.

 also, someone on the radio said getting
the best-necessities is always better
with an adventure in front. I think that’ll
be true
forever. so
give it.

Don’t hear me wrong, I know you’re
always jumping when the phone rings
but what I’m saying is please don’t let
that get in the
way of letting the grass
grow in front of the





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High Concept Laboratories is an arts service organization dedicated to supporting working artists and engaging the Chicago community with arts and culture. Website: highconceptlaboratories.org


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