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A Brief History of Light Waves

So, the semi-opera we created at HCL, Light Waves & Their Uses, is headed into it’s final weekend of shows at the Building Stage.  It’s been a quick, great run, and we got some really kind responses from friends, colleagues, even the press.

And, as we near the end of this little adventure, it seems worthwhile to take a look at the path we took.  Here’s a brief glimpse:

Josh Dumas and I decide our second semi-opera will be about this guy, Albert Michelson:

We recruit a dynamite ensemble, and spend three weeks developing our raw material.  HCL proves a fantastically warm and exhilarating creative home.  Creating quick, quick, QUICK!

We break for the holidays.  Josh is writing music.  I’m cramming the scenes and moments we’ve developed into a script.  We take a trip to U of C and get a Physics Lecture!!!

We reconvene and rehearse, rewrite, build songs and dance and a table that flips.  Despite the 3rd craziest snowstorm in reported Chicago history, we give a workshop presentation before leaving HCL.

Things get crazier.  Too much to do, too little time.  Ruth and I are driving her brother’s enormous Element, transporting the set, and just as I’m about to freak out, I see a little, six sided die.

“Come on, Ruthy,” I shout, “tell me what it’s gonna be!”

“What is this for?” the justifiably startled Ruth responds.

“This is for…” my voice is cracking up,” IS THIS GONNA WORK?”

Ruth bursts out with “FIVE!”

And, you know, I think it did.  We took some risks.  We discovered some really lovely moments.  7 shows under our belt, and we continue to learn more about our story each night.  We have an amazingly adventurous ensemble, and it’s only because of their willingness to explore that our show comes alive each night.

It’s been an enormous pleasure to work with such devoted and creative friends, and to have done so within HCL’s walls and community.

-David Amaral



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