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Space, Time, and Vaudeo Motion

Nora Sharp is a High Concept Labs Sponsored Artist with Vaudeo Motion.  The other day I was playing hide and seek with my girlfriend Ginette’s three-year-old niece. Little Marie is at the age where her human-ness seems to grow exponentially: each day she possesses more words, more enunciation, more awareness of the relationships of people around her. … Continue reading

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This blog is a source for our associated artists and audiences to share the experience of the creative process. Here you will find news, pictures, and video's of the new work created at HCL.

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Former hcl Sponsored Artists The Sound Room take over the National Museum of Health + Medicine Chicago on Saturday May 16, creating a fascinating immersive architectural environment. #hcl Lydia Bell of @danspaceproject talks process and her role in #EikoandKoma in today's panel on cross-generational collaboration. #hcl #chicagodancemakersforum

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